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Earth Day 2021: USA's Smokers, Gen-Z'ers, Fast Foodies, Construction Workers prone to Littering


America’s Profiled Litterers are the most inclined to toss virus- breeding wastes onto public spaces. Wastes that damage natural landscapes everyday and anually KILL hundreds of Americans

Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Apr 21, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Cigarette smokers, those aged 16-25, devotees of fast food, and employees of construction and groundskeeping trades are the most inclined in America to litter virus-breeding wastes onto public spaces. Wastes that each year damage landscapes and human lives. This information comes as Thursday’s Earth Day celebration occurs during a lingering pandemic, said Steve Spacek, director of the American State Litter Scorecard (litterscorecard.com) and a public performance specialist.


America’s Profiled Litterers–persons prone to litter solid waste–are ascertained from the Transportation Research Board’s Reducing Litter on Roadsides, by four decades of state litter studies, and observations from psychologist Francis McAndrew and journalist Alan Bisbort, Spacek said. Their findings gleaned four consistent litterer groups. Cigarette Smokers provide the number one solid waste thrown onto public spaces in America: filters (“butts”). High Schoolers, College Undergrads, and Youngest Adults make up Generation Z, the age 16-25 demographic long known to waste removers and litter researchers. Fast Foodies toss quick-served food packaging and beverage containers onto streets, sidewalks, parks, and waterways with little remorse. Last but not least, Building Construction and Groundskeeper Employees litter prominently as Foodies but add much more textiles, wood boards, sheetrock, electrical wiring, scrap metal, and windowpanes to a discarded mix. 


In 2018 and 2020 Spacek reported on America’s “Ten Most Litter Polluted States” and “15 Biggest Most Litter Polluted Cities,” noted for widespread waste litter capable of breeding, transmitting Covid -19. Spacek said the selections “gave readers a picture of which governments suffered the most from terrible, life-threatening environmental conditions.” Data elements used in these measurements came from published sources: state and municipal -provided data, Busy Bee Cleaning, TRAVEL+LEIURE, US Census Bureau, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Spacek asserts highest concentrations of the four profiled litterer groups should exist within specific “littered” governments. Using added numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Insider, and Construction Drive, he expects Pennsylvania and the Cities of Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, and Detroit to be depositories for extreme Cigarette waste; Texas, Michigan, Georgia, South Carolina and Cities of San Antonio, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Memphis, and Los Angeles as epicenters for Generation-Z littering. Fat Foodie litterbugs may be most seen in Oklahoma, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and in Memphis, Nashville, Indianapolis, Atlanta. And unwarranted discards from Construction and Groundskeeper Workers could be a waste prevailing problem for public spaces across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Michigan and at Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Detroit.


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