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Artist Kristina Lewis releases first NFT on Open Sea

Painted love by Bathmakwords on wwwopenseaio

Artist name Bathmackwards on OpenSea.io NFT name “Paintedlove”

Munchen, Bayern Apr 23, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Will the world of Digital NFT art finally open the art world doors to the talented artist that struggle to obtain proper authentication and provenance in order to be justly compensated for their talent?  

Digital artist Beeple is the pioneer of the NFT art world.  Damien Hirst then proved that NFT art can be lucrative for very well-established artists.  What about the very talented working artist that does not have the social media presence or the powerful art world stalwarts backing them.  


Enter Kristina Lewis, a visual artist, with a scholastic background in art and art history.  An almost 10-year track record of producing beautiful selling artworks to clients and publications around the world. Working in mediums from digital photography, to watercolor, to acrylic, to oils as well as the mix of all possibilities to create the most stunning pieces. 


“Hybrids” is the series that Kristina created using Digital photography that is printed on special photo paper allowing her to paint with oil or acrylic, before once again photographing and putting the image through the final phase of digital remastering.  The finished product is a limited addition print run of 10 pieces each 100cm x 120cm.  


Kristina’s first exhibited this type of her art in 2012 at the Able & Baker Gallery in Köln. 

Her first NFT of her “Hybrids” series featuring Top Male Model Donny Lewis wearing a pair of the world-famous or infamous #metoo movement photographer Terry Richardson’s iconic black frame glasses. This is a digital photo of the top model Donny Lewis, which was created as all “Hybrids” was.  First, it is printed out, then it is overpainted using acrylics and oil paint, then photographed again before being remastered on photoshop.  It was first minted on March 25th, 2021and Listed for sale on April 22, 2021, on open sea


Artist available for interview on request, contact:  press@beyonddesignagency.com



Greg Yale (Art Consultant, Interior designer)

“Kristina’s amazing range of talent and ability in all visual art never ceases to amaze me and delight my  clients.”


“If Kristina Lewis were a wolf, she’d definitely be an alpa wolf…  Time and again, her work for Lone Wolf Magazine stands head and shoulders above her competitors. Her use of painted abstract art over her stunning photography is such a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be more than a little repetitive.”



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